Providing Professional Water Utility Services to cities and countries to metro Atlanta and to each corner of Georgia.

Mack Jones Enterprises, Inc. (MJ) is the leader in providing professional water utility services.  From it’s inception in 1979, MJ has served counties, cities, and municipalities with the experience, innovation and a passion for excellence that is so rare today.  The value-added services listed below are just a few of the ways that MJ can help you.  Our guarantee is to provide these services with all the commitment and integrity that has made MJ a leader in the water utility services industry.

Our services


Automated Metering & Back-flow Solutions

MJ provides technology solutions in the water utilities industry to help us protect our natural resources.  We are an industry leader in providing automated water meters and back flow solutions to help our clients offer better reliability, enhanced flexibility, and resource conservation.

Leak Detection & Valve Location

MJ provides valuable information about the viability and condition of water distribution systems and pipelines through Leak Detection & Valve Location services.  Offering state-of-the-art equipment and practices (including wet-tapping), our employees are highly skilled at finding and fixing any problem with your water systems.  Our Leak Detection programs are a cost-effective way to conserve water, save lost revenue, and reduce the possibility of public health risks and the potential for major damage to infrastructure and property.

Infrastructure Renewal

MJ is committed to providing clients holistic solutions to improve the operation and maintenance of water distribution networks.  Combining water industry experts, municipal service providers, and utilities pipeline operators, MJ can offer the long-term answers to improve water utility operations at all levels.

Maintenance Contracts

MJ is also here to offer you peace of mind with maintenance and operating programs designed to keep your water systems operating efficiently, while also managing your budget and manpower. Maintenance and operating services help clients get the most value from their infrastructure and water network systems.  Our experienced field service technicians are ready to serve you and our commitment to excellence means that we will be there when you need us.